12/31 | DIY Personalized Heating Pad

I am so excited to share this project with you all today! This little DIY personalized heating pad is not only super cute but also super useful which is probably why I like them so much. They can be used to keep you warm during the winter, ease joint pain, and relieve cramps. Keep reading to learn how you can make them!

You will need: 2 white linen fabric squares | Americana Doily Stencil |DecoArt® Personally Yours Stencils | Americana® Multi-Surface Satin | uncooked rice | makeup sponges | sewing machine 

Step One: Using the makeup sponge, stencil the doily design onto both fabric squares. If you plan on adding an initial on top of this, use the lighter of the two colors. 

Step Two: After the doily design has dried, add an initial from the Personally Yours Stencils on top in a darker color. 

Step 3: Place the two fabric squares painted sides together and sew along the edges with a sewing machine. Be sure to leave a 1-2 inch opening so that you can flip it right side out! 

Step 4: Flip the fabric right side out and fill it with uncooked rice. Use a funnel or a rolled piece of paper to make this process go more smoothly. Then sew the tiny hole up. 

These DIY personalized heating pads came out so cute! To use it all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for about a minute. The exact heating time will depend on how large you decide to make yours. They can be heated over and over again which is awesome! They were super simple and inexpensive to make. Wouldn’t they make a great little gift for someone? I made a bunch for gifts as well as some to keep myself warm this winter.

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