1/31 | DIY Chalkboard Window Calendar

January has arrived and everyone is starting their resolutions for the year! Who doesn’t need to spend a little more time getting organized? I was recently at the antique store downtown and saw this very inexpensive window that I just knew would be a perfect weekly chalkboard calendar. Let me share with you how we used Americana Decor Glass Chalkboard Paint to create this fun DIY Chalkboard Window Calendar for over your desk.

Supplies : Old Window | Americana Decor Glass Chalkboard Paint | Americana Decor Chalky Finish In Everlasting | Painters Tape | Letter Stencils | Paint Brush | Wall Hanging Kit | Hooks | Drill

Step 1 : Paint your window with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Everlasting.

Step 2 : Tape off the white edges before painting your glass with Americana Decor Glass Chalkboard paint.

Step 3 : Paint each glass square with your Americana Decor Glass Chalkboard Paint.

Step 4 : Stencil the first letter of the days of the week onto the corners of each window. Use a pouncer to paint the letters in with Americana Multi-Surface Satin in Cotton Ball.

Step 5 : Remove your stencil once the paint is dry.

Step 6 : Condition your chalkboard with a piece of chalk by rubbing the chalk onto the chalkboard surface.

Step 7 : Add wall hanging accessories and hooks to hold any items to help keep your desk less messy!

What do you guys think of this transformed window? This will be a perfect addition to your room decor and will be able to get your organized with the start of this new year!

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