1/31 | DIY Valentine’s Day Lightbulb Gift

Move over Christmas, it is time to start Valentine’s Crafts! I am always in a pinch for a last minute idea, but not this year! I have seen a lot of cool recycled lightbulb crafts recently and was inspired to use some of my dead light bulbs to create this cute DIY Valentine’s Day lightbulb gift! Here is how you can make your own.

Here is what you will need:

light bulb | wooden block | multi-purpose glue |red wire | paint brush | detail brush| Americana Multi-Surface in Lipstick and Cotton Ball | pliers | rubber tip pliers

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Step One: Using the pliers, remove the metal cap from the end of the light bulb. Removing this creates a hole that allows you to remove the black glass part with the pliers as well.

Step Two: Once the glass part is removed you will have access to the inside of the light bulb. Use the pliers to pull the wires out.

Step Three: Paint the wooden block with Americana Multi-Surface Paint.

Step 4: Use the rubber tipped jewelry pliers to shape the red wire into the shape of a heart. Make sure to make it small enough that it will fit through the opening at the end of your lightbulb.

Step 5: Using the detail brush, freehand paint a cute saying on it such as “i love you” or “you are the light of my life” onto the wooden block. If you would rather, you could stencil it instead.

Step 6: Insert the wire heart into the top of the wooden block. My block came with a predrilled hole for some reason. If yours does not, just drill a hole in the middle of the top side of the block with the smallest drill bit.

Step Seven: Insert the wire heart into the bottom of the lightbulb and glue it down onto the block.

What a cute way to tell your loved one how you feel about them! I love how these turned out considering how easy they were to make. You could switch up the colors and the saying that are on them to really personalize it to the recipient!

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