1/31 | DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

Hey everyone! Valentine’s Day is coming up and now is your chance to get super crafty for the love-filled holiday. Today we made two pieces of home decor perfect to spruce up your space! One is a great DIY nail art craft, and the other one is a super fun and easy paper mache project that turned out so darn cute! You can make both of these in no time at all, not to mention they would make great homemade Valentine’s gifts for that special someone! If you want to learn how to make these  DIY Valentine’s Day Decor pieces then simply watch the video below or scroll down and follow the tutorial!

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Go check out the awesome Americana Decor Multi-Surface and Color Stain paints we used in today’s projects!

Tutorial For The XOXO Flower DIY:

Supplies: | Two X and Two O Paper Mache Letters | E6000 | Craft Knife | Americana Decor Multi-Surface In Pink Tropics and Pink Cadillac | Paint Brushes | Faux Flowers |

Step 1 : Cut a hole out of the top of each letter where the flowers will be inserted later.

Step 2 : Paint the O’s in Pink Cadillac and the X’s in Pink Tropics.

Step 3 : Once dry, glue the letters together with E6000 and allow to dry.

Step 4 :  Add your flowers however you like and display for everyone to see your masterpiece!

Tutorial For The DIY Love Nail Art:

Supplies: | distressed Wooden Canvas | Americana Decor Color Stain In White | Pink String | Paint Brush | Scissors | A Hammer | Small Nails | Printed “Love” Stencil”

Step 1 : Paint your wood canvas white and allow to dry.

Step 2 : Cut out your stencil and place it in the middle of the canvas. Hammer nails about 1/4″ into the wood using your stencil as a guide.

Step 3 : Once all your nails are in place remove the stencil and tie the string in a knot around one of the nails.

Step 4 : Now wrap the string around the nails in a random pattern, making sure not to wrap them through where the letters need to show.

Step 5 : Once you’re finished hang where you please and enjoy your beautiful nail art!

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