2/28 | DIY Faux Concrete Plater

What’s up everyone? We’ve got a pretty cool post for you all today. A few days ago we got an awesome idea for a project and you’re not going to believe how it turned out! We make this kick butt DIY Faux Concrete Plater that look so realistic no one would believe they weren’t concrete! You can put your own spin on this DIY but the way we saw it, they looked super epic on their own. It took no time to create these and I love being able to display them anywhere in my home without fears of it scuffing my floor or table top like real concrete would! If you want to learn how to make it then check out the tutorial down below!

Supplies : |
Americana Decor Chalky Finish In Artifact | FloraCraft® Make It : Fun® 5″ Foam Cube | Paintbrush | FloraCraft Knife |

Step 1 : 
Draw a circle on the top of your foam cube where you want to insert your plant. Use your FloraCraft knife to cut out your circle.

Step 2 : 
I actually found that using a melon baller to remove the foam from the center of your cut-out works extremely well, so thats what I did!

Step 3 : 
Once you’ve made a section for your plant, take your paint and apply a thick layer onto the entire cube, making sure to fill in the holes so no foam is showing.

Step 4 : As the paint dries it will look more and more like natural concrete! Then all you ave to do is choose a plant for it’s new home and enjoy your new “concrete” planter!

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