2/28 | DIY Dresser Drawer Wall Shelf

I am always looking for new ways to use old things – give them a new (and stylish) life! I found this lonely drawer at the thrift store and knew that I wanted to create something cool out of it. I was between a table of some sort or a shelf. Ultimately I decided that he would be the perfect DIY Dresser Drawer Wall Shelf.

Here is what you will need:

an old dresser drawer | gold polka dot wrapping paper | scissors | Americana Decor Satin Enamels in Pure White  | Americana Decou-Page Gloss  | paint brush | screw driver

Step One: Unscrew the hardware from the drawer. 

Step Two: Paint the Drawer with Americana Decor Satin Enamels in Pure White. You will want to paint the entire drawer except the inside bottom and the outside bottom. The inside bottom will be covered with wrapping paper and the outside bottom will become the back and will be up against the wall so you won’t see it.  

Step Three: Measure the inside of the drawer and cut a piece of wrapping paper to that exact size.

Step Four: Apply a layer of Gloss Americana Decou-Page to the inside bottom of the drawer. 

Step Five:  Apply a layer of Gloss Decou-Page on top. This is important to seal and for added durability.

Step Six: Replace the hardware. I likes the hardware that was on this drawer that I found at the thrift store so I just put it back on. If you don’t like the hardware you can always replace it with something else. 

I love how this turned out and the pop that the gold foil polka dot wrapping paper gives it! I think that it really makes the shelf come to life! The crisp white of the Satin Enamels looks great and makes the decorations on the shelf stand out! Wasn’t this a fun transformation?! The random thrift store finds often make the best projects.

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