2/28 | The 8 Best Household Products On The Market

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glad. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s talk about something that everyone has to do from time to time. Something that is not very fun, but very necessary. Let’s talk about cleaning your home. Some people love to clean, and have just about every cleaning product that you can think of on hand for when the job needs to be done. Others, may be a little less prepared with an old toilet brush and a few dried clorox wipes. Whether you consider yourself a household cleaning professional, or someone who’d rather sweep the dust under the rug, I am here to share The 8 Best Household Products On The Market that are a must in every home. Cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore, and you should feel good when the job is done. A few things that are very important to me when purchasing household products are durability, and scent. I want products for my home that can hold up to what life throws at them, that can kill germs fast, and that make my home smell amazing. Here are my musts.

Clorox Bleach

Good ole bleach. It’s powerful stuff, and can be used in any area of your home for just about everything. It kills germs and is my go-to for cleaning by bathtub. from keeping my white clothes white to making sure my dishes are nice and sanitized, bleach is one of the most powerful, and versatile products to have on hand.

Air Freshener 

Like I mentioned before, making my house smell good is a top priority, besides, who doesn’t love a great smelling home? I spray it on literally every fabric I can find. Rugs, curtains, pillows, comforters, laundry baskets, If it has a thread, it’s been sprayed down!

Glad KitchenPro Trash Bags

When talking about durability these bags never disappoint. With double bag protection that stands up to life’s messy times, not to mention great leak protection so I never have to worry about the bag breaking or tearing. I know you’re wondering why a trash bag is one of my go-to household products, but did you know they’re available at Target! One of my favorite parts about these bags is that they have Febreze odor elimination technology that lasts 5 days! I’ll never go back to old kitchen bags!


Again, one of the classic cleaning products with the famous name that everyone knows! The scent Lavender Clean is my favorite, I love mopping my whole house with it and from the minute you pour it into your mop bucket, it fills your entire home with the smell that only Pine-Sol can! Much like bleach, you can use it on most surfaces to fight dirt and grime, while cleaning and deodorizing.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 

Not just useful on grease and soap scum, these wipes have some serious disinfecting power. They’re like little germ killing machines and I use them on everything! They work on so many different surfaces and are perfect for cleaning your phone, desktop, doorknobs, even glass or finished wood! Tuscan Lavender is my favorite scent, too!

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

The reason I love this multi-surface product so much is that I don’t have to use it on just one thing, and it works so well on just about everything! I can clean the bathroom mirror then the sink and countertops with the same product, and I love that. You have to get the Clorox one in the scent Spring, just trust me!

Cleaning Gloves

Every good cleaner knows that you have to have great gloves to keep you safe from the harsher chemicals, and also to keep your hands from drying out. I struggled for years with my hands getting so dry from the cleaners. I went through tons of gloves that just ripped and punctured under the pressure. Then I found some good ones, and my hands were saved! They’re nice and thick and great for all kids of cleaning.

Pro tip: Buy different colored gloves for the different areas in your home. I have purple for the kitchen, yellow for the bathroom, and pink for everywhere else!

Clorox 4 In One Spray 

Last but not least in my arsenal of must-haves is the classic disinfecting spray, and the scent Citrus is heavenly! It really is a great product especially to kill germs in the most common places like toilet handles, light switches, doorknobs, keyboards, you name it! Spray trash cans and refrigerator handles to kill germs on contact. An all around great product!

I hope you all enjoyed my list of The 8 Best Household Products On The Market, and maybe you’ll go out and get them in some of the scents I’ve recommended, too! I’m no professional, but I know what I like and what works well in my home. You won’t regret trying out any of these great products, happy cleaning!