2/28 | DIY Copper Pipe Desk Organizer

I am so excited to share this easy DIY desk organization project with you today. I have been loving the industrial trend lately and have been dying to make a copper pipe DIY. I finally took the leap and now I have a really awesome DIY copper desk organizer to keep all of my pens and markers and stuff in. Here is how you can make your own DIY desk organizer: 

Here is what you will need to make your own: 

8 copper pipe couplings with stops in various sizes (found at the hardware store)  and DAP Rapid Fuse All Purpose Adhesive (this stuff is magic!)

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Start by peeling off all the labels from your couplings. TIP- Soaking them in warm soapy water will help them to break down and be removed more easily.

Next arrange them how you like! It can be a circle-like shape as the one pictured or more of one long strip.

Now break out the DAP and glue the couplings together at each place that they touch.

Once you add glue to one of them, hold the two together for 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Isn’t it so cool looking? I am a big fan. I like how it isn’t too big so that it doesn’t take up too much space but there are sill enough compartments to separate  the various utensils. I 100% do not regret making this  DIY Copper Pipe Organizer and I know you won’t either if you try it.