2/28 | DIY Glitter Ring Dish

Hey Everyone! Today I have one of the most simple DIY projects of all time with you. While being a super simple craft it makes a cute and functional DIY room decor piece for teens. I know that glitter can be kind of messy but the technique I am sharing in this post makes it so that there will never be a speck of loose glitter. I used the same technique on a phone case, and you know those things get a lot of use. It held up great! But lets get into the DIY Glitter Ring Dish tutorial.

You will need: a diamond shaped ring dish (this one was a few dollars at target in the craft isle), DecoArt Decou-Page in any formula, chunky glitter, a small dish, and a paintbrush or mixing tool.

Step One: Pour the Decou-Page into a small dish making sure to leave plenty of room for glitter and mixing. 

Step Two: Add in the chunky glitter! You probably want about a 2 to 1 ratio of Decou-Page to glitter. 

Step Three: Mix them together with the paintbrush or another mixing device. 

Step Four: Pour the mixture into the ring dish so the the entire bottom is covered  but not all the way up to the top either. 

I love the pop of color and glitter that this little DIY glitter ring dish adds. It is perfect for placing my rings and other things that I want to remember to grab or put on in the mornings before class. Any DIY life hack or thing that will simply my life even the tiniest bit is very welcomed. I think you’ll like having one of these if you make it too!