2/28 | DIY Fabric Jewelry Box

Looking for a cute way to store your everyday jewelry? This fun DIY fabric jewelry box is a the perfect solution and a great way to use us your fabric scrap collection. I love how mine turned out with the bright and bold colors that I used. Here is how you can make one for yourself: 

Here is what you will need:  

wooden jewelry box | Americana Multi-Surface Paint in Shrimp | paintbrush | fabric scrap | DAP multi-purpose Glue 

Step One: Pop the top of the wooden jewelry box out.

Step Two: Paint the box inside and out with Americana Multi-Surface paint in Shrimp.

Step Three: Wrap the fabric scrap around the wood insert from the top of box and use DAP Rapid Fuse to glue it on the back.

Step Four: Pop the fabric covered wood insert back in and adhere it with more DAP!

Isn’t it so pretty? I love it and I love grabbing my jewelry out of it each day. It isn’t where I keep all of my jewelry ( I keep most of it in this box) but I do keep my most worn pieces in this cute little DIY fabric jewelry box.