3/31 | DIY Simplistic Photo Display

Hey everyone! Today I can’t wait to share with you a super fun project that you can keep for years and update as your style and personality changes! Displaying all your favorite photos is sometimes difficult. Maybe you don’t want to be so basic and buy the normal picture frames for yours, and you want to be more creative. Well if that’s you, then you will love this DIY Simplistic Photo Display! You can paint it any color to match your style and you can display multiple pictures at once, too! With this DIY, you just can’t lose. If you want to make it then watch the video or follow the tutorial down below!

View Here | View On YouTube

Supplies : | Two 24″ Wood Strips | Rope | Americana Multi-Surface in Canary | Paint brush | Drill | Clothespins | Scissors |

Steps :

Step 1 : Place the wood strips side by side and measure and dot out every 4″ on the wood, then drill holes big enough for your rope to fit through.

Step 2 : Paint both pieces in canary and allow to dry. Cut five pieces of rope that are 3′ long each, and tape the ends.

Step 3 : Thread each rope through one side of the wood and tie a knot on the end of each. Repeat on the other wood piece threading the rope through the coordinating hole.

Step 4 : Now hang and use the clothespins to attach all your favorite photos!

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