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Hey, everyone! If you’re anything like me, then you love galaxy crafts! They seem to never go out of style, not to mention they’re so much fun to create! There’s no rule book on how to make the perfect galaxy pattern. Most of the time when you just paint with the flow, you end up with a beautiful design. Back in October, we made a DIY Galaxy Pumpkin that was a huge hit! So, today we’re making another one for you, some great DIY Galaxy Pillows! You’ll have a blast making them and you can use them for years to come. Check out how we made them down below!
Tan_Edit_BCB_4033_March 17, 2017
Tan_Edit_IMG_4035_March 17, 2017
Supplies: Canvas Pillowcases | Paint Brushes | Sponges | Americana Multi-Surface in Cottonball, Blue Bird, and Black Tie | DecoArt Extreme Sheen in Sapphire, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Antique Bronze, and Sterling Silver |
Tan_Edit_IMG_4040_March 17, 2017

Step 1:
Paint the entire pillowcase with Americana Multi-Surface Black Tie.
Tan_Edit_IMG_4050_March 17, 2017
Step 2: With your sponge, blot your Extreme Sheen Sapphire around the pillow and then blot the Americana Multi-Surface Bird Blue over that.
Tan_Edit_IMG_4056_March 17, 2017
Step 3: While the paint is still wet, blot all your other Extreme Sheen colors on the pillow around the blue base that you created. Be sure to lightly accent your blue pattern and to not overdo the blotting.
Tan_Edit_IMG_4062_March 17, 2017
Tan_Edit_IMG_4065_March 17, 2017
Step 4: Now with a paintbrush, splatter Americana Multi-Surface Cottonball all over the pillow to create starts. Then, paint little stars wherever you like.

Step 5: Once it’s all dried, fill pillowcase it with stuffing and display your amazing new galaxy pillow!

Tan_Edit_BCB_4035_March 17, 2017 Tan_Edit_BCB_4046_March 17, 2017
Are you ready to tackle your very own galaxy art project? We love how it turned out on our canvas pillows and we cannot wait to try it out on another surface. Leave us a comment and tell us where you’d like to put your DIY galaxy pillow.


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