3/31 | DIY Reupholstered Folding Chair

Hey! What’s going on guys? As you all know some of my most favorite projects are revamps, giving new life to old things! This project is no different.

We made a super fun DIY Reupholstered Folding Chair from one that was once drab and boring. It’s a great thing when we can look at something and find a creative way to make it better. Just look how this chair turned out. Not only is it now bright and happy, but it makes great seating that is easy to store. Just pop it under your bed or behind your door and pull it out whenever you need it! This is a great DIY if you want to give new life to boring chairs.

Here is how we did it: 

You will need: plain old folding chair with cushion | screwdriver | staple gun | Americana Decor Maxx Gloss in Juicy Melon | Fabric (I used a shower curtain from the clearance section)   

Step One: Remove the cushion from the folding chair. It is probably attached with a few screws underneath the seat. 

Step Two: Paint the entire chair with Americana Decor Maxx Gloss. I chose the bright Juicy Melon color. Pick a color that matches the fabric that you have picked out for the cushion. 

Step Three: Wrap the cushion in the new fabric. Flip it over and staple it to the cushion with the staple gun. Se sure to pull the fabric tight before stapling! 

Step Four: Once your chair is dry and your cushion is reupholstered, re-attach the cushion to the folding chair. 
What did you guys think of this project? I love how it came together and it looks like a nice expensive chair! It’s amazing what you can do when you get creative and love to DIY. You could even redo a bunch of them for an upcoming party to really add a pop of style in an inexpensive way. It would be perfect for dorms when you have friends over and limited seating, because it folds up for easy storage! What color would you paint your chair?

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