3/31 | The Coolest Promposal Picnic

Hey everyone! Today we partnered with Duck Brand to pull off an amazing promposal for our our dear friends Brian and Dilyn. I know everyone has some neat promposal ideas, but he came to us and wanted one for the books! After throwing out some cool ideas we finally came up with a game plan. We decided on The Coolest Promposal Picnic EVER! We knew Dilyn would love it, so we set up at our local park and waited for the magic to happen! Check out how we made it all happen in the awesome video down below or View on Youtube.

If you want to recreate the same promposal, here is exactly what we did:

Supplies: marker, foam board, craft knife, Duck Tape®, scissors, stakes

Step 1: Draw big bubble letters that spell out “PROM?” and 3 arrows on foam boards.

Step 2: Using a craft knife, cut them out.

Step 3: Cover them in Duck Tape® and add designs if you want. We went with vertical stripes on every other letter.

Step 4: Attach a stake to the back of each one using more Duck Tape®.

I told you it was an amazing prom proposal! What did you all think? As you could see Dilyn was blown away and so were we! It was a beautiful day and it went off without a hitch. Every element that we created came together to make it perfect. Everyone worked super hard to make it happen and we were all so happy that she said yes! It looks like Brian got his promposal in the books after all!

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