3/31 | Dynamite Promposal Idea

As you all know, prom season is coming up and now is the time to start planning how you want to ask your date. If you want a fun but simple promposal idea, then this one is for you! I call it our Dynamite Promposal idea and thanks to Duck Brand you will really like the simplicity of the project. If you don’t want it to be such a big deal, but you still want it to be unique and special, then your date will really appreciate this one!

Brandon actually promposed to Izzy live on the Duck Tape Facebook- check it out HERE!

Supplies: 3 giant tubes of candy, Duck Tape in Red and Black, Scissors, black pipe cleaners

Step 1: Wrap each candy tube in Red Duck Tape©.

Step 2: Cluster the three tubes together and add two strips of Duck Tape© to attach them all together. One strip towards the bottom and one strip towards the top.

Step 3: 
Stick a black pipe cleaner into the top of each tube to be the fuses.

Step 4: Draw a and cut the poster into a burst shape.

Step 5: Draw and cut out letters to spell out “PROM” and “BLAST” with Red Duck Tape© and “with you would be a” with Black Duck Tape©.

Step 7: Stick all the letters down onto the sign.

We loved helping our friend make it for their special someone. I think you could have guessed, but she said yes! Sometimes less is more, and you don’t need a flash mob or hours of preparation. It’s all about what your date likes. I think this is a fool proof prom proposal idea that you could make in about an hour. I hope you enjoyed this project, and that your prom is the BOMB!
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