4/30 | DIY Dream Room Decor

So I am a huge fan of dream catchers! They are so beautiful, but honestly a little hard to create. I went a much simpler and rustic way in creating this dreamcatcher-inspired DIY dream room decor piece. I think this would be a great simple reminder to have on your wall that your dreams are important and that you have to keep working hard to achieve them! It was so fun to make and I am excited to be sharing the tutorial for this DIY wall art project with you!

I think you are going to love how simple this DIY room decor project is!

You will need: a mini wooden pallet | pom pom trim | rope | wire word | spray paint |glue

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Step One: Spray paint the wire word with whatever color you choose! I cannot tell you hoe happy I was when the craft stores started selling these. I had tried many times to make them myself, but I have to admit that I stink at it. The final product has never been readable. This is definitly worth spending $2 on.  

Step Two: Cut strips of random lengths of rope and pom pom trim. Then glue them to the bottom of the little pallet. I ending up breaking out the hot glue gun for this. Sorry that I didn’t include it in the supply picture guys! 

Step Three: Once the spray paint has dried, glue the wire word to the mini pallet. 

Isn’t it kind of fun? I absolutely love the funky touch of the pom pom trim! I actually saved this pom trim off of a birthday gift that I received and so it is even that much more special because when I see it I think of the special person who gave me the gift. I am a pink girl, so I really love the color scheme of this DIY dream room decor piece and how the wood complements the pink. I really didn’t need much to make this project! Besides the stuff I had on hand, I think it probably cost me $5 to make. It definitely looks like it cost more than $5 up on my wall, so that is a win!