4/30 | DIY Funny Graduation Cap

Everyone knows the tradition of making your graduation cap your own by creating a unique design to bring out your personality. Some people do monograms, other people paint or bedazzle their cap. Just give it a personal spin, get creative and have fun with it. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to do, this DIY Funny Graduation Cap idea could help! I think the perfect saying that sums up all those years in school and how ready you are to graduate are “LOL BYE”, so thats what we did! If you want to make your own check out how down below.

You will need: plain graduation cap and large adhesive letters  

The first thing you will want to do is to place the LOL letters in the top left corner. Peel the back off and make sure they are very secure on there. If the letters you are using aren’t very sticky, you may want to use some hot glue. I know that you don’t want them falling off during the ceremony and nobody getting it. 

Then add the word BYE to the bottom right corner of the cap. Place the E first and then the Y and then the B. This will ensure perfect spacing. 

As ready as you must be to graduate, adding your DIY mark to your grad cap makes you one step closer to having that diploma in your hands! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it helped you get inspired to create your unique cap! If anyone you know is graduating too, send them this tutorial to help them get creative also!