4/30 | DIY Rolo Graduation Caps

Whats’ going on guys? If you’re still in school or know someone who is then you know how stressful it is, especially for seniors about to graduate and take the world by storm. I think that every graduate deserves a proper party to celebrate them and all they’ve accomplished while hitting the books. If you or someone you know is planning or throwing a graduation party then they need to see this tutorial for DIY Rolo Graduation Caps that are too adorable for words. Find out how to make these crowd pleasing treats down below, they’re so easy!

Supplies : | Bag of Rolos | Glue Gun | Black Cardstock | Thin Red Ribbon | Scissors |

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Steps : 

Step 1 : Take your cardstock and cut out several small 2″x 2″ squares, then lay them on your work surface and hot glue a Rolo in the middle of each square.

Step 2 : Cut your ribbon into 3″ pieces and cut a little “v” shape at the end of your ribbon. Then flip the caps over and hot glue the ribbon in the center.

Step 3 : This is the best part, because you get to eat a bunch of Rolos. Once you’ve come out of your sugar coma, take the Rolo wrappers and roll them into little balls, and hot glue them in the center of the cap on top of the ribbon.