4/30 | DIY Watermelon Planter

Hey guys! I’m so pumped about summer coming up and the thoughts of no school, warm weather, and good times! In the spirit of the season I wanted to make some crafts that reflect my love for summer and this adorable DIY Watermelon Planter does just that! Watermelon is my favorite fruit, so why not turn it into an awesome piece of room decor? Check out how to make this adorable summer planter down below!

Tan_Edit_BCB_5219_April 05, 2017


Supplies : | Dark Pink, Dark Green, and Light Green Acrylic Paint | Black Paint Pen | Terra Cotta Pot| Paintbrushes | Green Fish Pebbles | Cactus or Succulent | Painter’s Tape |

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Steps : 


Step 1 : Paint the bottom section of the pot dark pink, I applied two coats on mine.


Step 2 : Next, paint the rim of the pot dark green (tape off the rim if you need to) and allow to dry before painting on a rind pattern with the light green.


Step 3 : Once dry, take your paint pen and draw and fill in little seeds all around the bottom of the pot.

Tan_Edit_BCB_5217_April 05, 2017

Step 4 : Now fill your pot with soil, your chosen plant, and add the green pebbles for an added pop of color, and enjoy!

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