4/30 | DIY Pineapple String Lights

Hey guys! Summer is coming up, and we need to make some super awesome summer crafts to kick off this beautiful weather. It’s no secret that I love pineapples, and not just eaten them, but crafting them too. I was at the craft store and came across these green rattan balls and the glorious idea just hit me, DIY Pineapple String Lights. You only need a few supplies to pull these off, and they look so darn cute everyone will want them. If you want to make your own then check out how I pulled it off down below.


Tan_Edit_BCB_6225_April 26, 2017

Supplies : | Rattan Ball String Lights | Yellow Spray Paint | Dark Green Felt | Glue |

Steps : 

Tan_Edit_BCB_6230_April 26, 2017

Step 1 : Remove the rattan balls from your light strand and spray paint them all yellow.

Tan_Edit_BCB_6234_April 26, 2017

Step 2 : Cut the felt sheets into strips about 6″ long then cut a rough zig zag pattern to make leaves for two pineapples. Repeat until you have enough leaf pieces for all of the balls.

Tan_Edit_BCB_6238_April 26, 2017

Tan_Edit_BCB_6278_April 26, 2017

Step 3 : Once the balls are dry, glue and roll the leaf pieces up and glue them onto the balls, then reattach the pineapples to the light strand and enjoy!

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