5/31 | DIY Graduation Gift in a Cup

All graduates want really is money. That’s right. Money Honey! A card and check is boring though, like snoresville (but still 100% appreciated). That’s why today I am sharing this super fun and easy way to give money as a grad gift. It is a DIY Graduation Gift in a cup!  DIY_graduation_gift
You will need: dollar bills | tumbler cup | black ribbon | adhesive backed felt | tassel keychain 
So the first think you will need to do is roll up the dollar bills and tie them with little ribbons with a single knot. One of the awesome things about this DIY gift is that you can use small bills or big ones! You pick the level of $$ but wither way it will look really exciting and thoughtful! IMG_0464
Next fill the tumblr cup with the rolled dollars.  I also placed some gold tconfetti in the bottom for an extra little pop! 
Now adhere the felt square to the lid of the tumblr cup. Cut/poke a hole out for the straw. IMG_0456
After you put the lid on the tumblr cup and place the straw in, place the tassel keychain around the straw.

The graduate you give this amazing DIY graduation gift in a cup will love you so much. I am pretty positive that they will give you a double hug! The cup will come in handy and the money even more so!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Graduation Gift in a Cup”

  1. These are sooo cute! I think I might makes these for my son and his girlfriend as they are graduating in a couple weeks. Thank you for the great idea!

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