5/31 | DIY Donut Pillow

Do you dream about donuts? If you don’t already, this DIY Donut Pillow will have you deep in a sprinkle filled dream. If you have ever wanted to sleep on a fluffy donut, today is your day! It was such a different project for me, but I loved watching it come together!

Keep on reading for the full how-to tutorial for this awesome DIY Donut Pillow! 

You will need: tan fleece | light pink fleece | felt in a variety of colors | scissors | water dissolvable marker | sewing clips | white thread | sewing machine

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Step One: Draw a donut onto the tan fleece. You could freehand it, but I strongly recommend that you trace a large bowl or something for the outer ring and a small
Step Two: Place the fleece fabric with the donut drawn on on top of another piece of tan fleece and cut the shape out of both layers at the same time. 

Step Three: Trace the donut shape onto the light pink fleece and within that shape, draw the icing layer. Cut this out.

Step Four: Cut out a bunch of sprinkles out of the colorful felt. Place them around the icing layer and sew them into place. I used tan thread for all of them, but if you wanted you could use the same color thread as the sprinkle. That just seemed like it would take way too long. 

Step Five: Once all of the sprinkles are sewn on, it is time to attach the frosting to the donut. Place the icing on top of one of the tan donut shapes and line up the center holes. Then sew along the edge of the pink with a small zig zag stitch. 
Step Six: Place the donut shape with the icing and the one without the icing good sides together and sew all the way around the outside edge. Then flip it right side out. 
Step Seven: Sew around the inner hole to close it using a small zig zag stitch super close to the edge. Stop before you have sewn all the way around because you need to leave an opening of 4 or more inches 

Step Eight: Stuff your pillow using the opening that you left. You will have to wiggle it a lot to get it to go all the way around the donut. Don’t be afraid to put a lot of stuffing in there. No one complains about a fluffy donut. Then head back to the sewing machine and sew the opening closed by continuing hte zig zag stitch. 
I hope that you have enjoyed today’s tutorial! Go grab some fleece and make yourself a DIY donut pillow or make it for a friend. Wouldn’t that be so SWEET?!