5/31 | Life Changing Car Hacks

I love life hacks, especially the ones where they’re actually useful. Not like the top 5 kitchen sponge hacks, but real ones that I want to use in my everyday life. Hacks that are just like these! I took the liberty of searching tons of great Life Changing Car Hacks, and compiled a list of the best ones just for you. You’ll thank me later for your spotless, organized, and totally hacked car.

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1. Put Silicone Cupcake Liners In Your Cupholders For Easy Cleanup

2. Use a Cereal Container As a Trash Bin

3. Shower Caddys Make Great Food Holders For Kids

4. Put Loose Change In Empty Gum Containers

5. A Simple Rubber Band Makes A Great Phone Holder

6. Use a Foam Brush To Quickly and Easily Clean Air Vents

7. A Shoe Organizer Keeps All Your Loose Items Together

8. Toothpaste Removes Headlight Grime

9. Cleaning Your Car With Hair Conditioner Keeps Your Car Shiny

10. Remove Bugs From Your Grill With Cooking Spray

11. DIY Your Own Air Freshener With a Clothespin and Essential Oils

12. Make a Car Emergency Kit From The Dollar Store