5/31 | DIY Stenciled Wood Plank Canvas

Hey guys! Today we brought out our Cricut to make an amazing DIY project that I made for a friend of mine who is getting married. I thought it would be the perfect homemade wedding gift for them. It was simple but fun to make, anything with the Cricut is fun! If anyone you know is getting married or if you want to make one for you and your hubby, it turned out amazing and you will get so many compliments on your great personal DIY Stenciled Wood Plank Canvas!

Tan_Edit_BCB_2936_February 09, 2017

Supplies : | Cricut Explore Air | Adhesive Cutting Mat | Vinyl | Basic Cricut Tool Set | Wood Plank Canvas | White Multi-Surface paint | Pouncer |

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Steps : 

Tan_Edit_BCB_2947_February 09, 2017

Step 1 : Connect your laptop to the Cricut and upload your stencil design photo.

Tan_Edit_BCB_2943_February 09, 2017

Tan_Edit_BCB_2949_February 09, 2017

Step 2 : Measure your stencil to fit nicely on your wood plank canvas, add a piece of vinyl to your cutting mat and smooth it out with the Cricut Scraper. Make sure your Cricut is set to cut vinyl and hit go!

Tan_Edit_BCB_2957_February 09, 2017

Step 3 : Once your stencil is finished use your  Cricut Weeder to carefully remove the inside of all the letters and numbers, then gently peel the vinyl from the mat and you have your stencil.

Tan_Edit_BCB_2963_February 09, 2017

Tan_Edit_BCB_2968_February 09, 2017

Step 4 : Carefully unpeel the back from the vinyl then place on your canvas. Once you’ve centered the stencil place the rest of the details on that were left on the bottom of your vinyl piece. press all edges to make sure the edges are sealed.

Tan_Edit_BCB_2970_February 09, 2017

Tan_Edit_BCB_2975_February 09, 2017

Tan_Edit_BCB_2980_February 09, 2017

Step 5 : Now use your pouncer and paint the entire stencil, then slowly peel it off and using the Cricut Tweezers to pull off the small stencil details.

Tan_Edit_BCB_2988_February 09, 2017

Step 6 : Once dry, if desired attach the needed hardware and display in your home!

2 thoughts on “DIY Stenciled Wood Plank Canvas”

  1. So I have tried painting with a stencil a couple times, but the paint bleeds under the stencil every time. Tips?

    1. Make sure you don’t have a lot of paint on your pouncer, especially when painting the edges. Also, make sure you’re pouncing straight up and down and you’re not smearing the paint. It takes practice! Good luck 🙂

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