6/30 | DIY Watermelon Pillow

What’s up, guys!? I’m coming at you today with another easy and fun DIY Pillow idea! I know we’ve made some in the past, our most popular being our DIY Galaxy Pillow, but I can see this super cute idea giving it a run for it’s money!

Check out how I created this DIY Watermelon Pillow, perfect for summer!

You will need: a plain canvas pillow | fabric paint in dark pink, light pink, white, dark green, light green, and black | a sponge | large paint brush | small paint brush

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Step One: Using the large paint brush, paint the bottom left corner of the pillow with the dark pink fabric paint. Make the edges soft by brushing outwards with a pretty dry brush. 

Step Two: Use the sponge with light pink paint on it and dab around the dark pink corner. 

Step Three: Slightly overlapping the light pink area, dab on a layer of white fabric paint using the sponge. Be sure to clean the sponge out between colors. 

Step Four: Dab on a layer of the light green fabric paint just slightly overlapping the white section. 

Step Five: Using the large paint brush, go in with the dark green fabric paint. Make a solid rounded stroke all the way along the painted area. 

Step Six: Using the small paint brush and black fabric paint, paint on the seeds in the dark pink area.

I think this project is so cute and it turned out great! Who wouldn’t love to add a pop of color to their space with this adorable pillow? This would also make a super cute and thoughtful homemade gift for a friend or family member who you know loves watermelon! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy crafting!