6/30 | Cheap Ways To Freshen Up Your Home Today

Let’s be honest, sometimes our homes just stink. Maybe it’s from your brother’s nasty gym bag that has been lost for a month in the kitchen, or maybe your dog ran in the house after rolling in what smells like dead skunk and month old trash. No matter what you do, sometimes you can’t stop your humble abode from smelling bad. On another note, trying to make it smell good can be expensive! With the sprays and the plug-ins, wax melts and defusers, it becomes hard on the wallet to keep your home fresh. Not to mention the smells they have are not exactly what I want my home to smell like. Garden Rain, White Cotton, Ocean Breeze, Very Berry, I’ve even seen one that was tobacco scented. I want my home to smell light and natural, I don’t want to walk into an ocean breeze. Because of this, I have found some great Cheap Ways To Freshen Up Your Home Today.

Good luck fighting the dreaded stinky house!

Freshen Yout Home By Making This Fun DIY and Adding Fresh Flowers For a Spring Smelling Space!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”G7jjCaNP” upload-date=”2018-04-27T15:17:58.000Z” name=”Photo Frame Mason Jar” description=”Today I’m going to show you how to make a fun Photo Frame Mason Jar perfect for your space. It’s a simple craft idea but I think it turned out great. “]

1. Essential Oils

2. One For Every Room in The House

3. DIY Febreze

4. Lovely Gel For The Bathroom

5. Super Pretty Freshener

6. A Great Way To a Fresher Home

7. A Great Room Spray

8. The Perfect Linen Spray

9. A Coffee Lovers’ Dream Air Freshener

10. Make that #2 Seem Like It Never Happened

11. Stove Top Freshener

12. Baking Soda and Essential Oil Defuser

13. The Best Carpet Freshener

14. Easy DIY Gel Ones

15. Scented Wood Air Freshener

16. DIY Wax Melts

17. Freshening Tabs Perfect For Small Spaces