6/30 | The Best DIY Closet Solutions

What’s going on guys, today I’ve got a roundup for you that will be a real life saver this summer! Whether you’re moving back in your home from college, or your closet is just normally a mess, no one needs a cluttered closet. Sometimes you may want to organize it, but don’t know where to start! Even when you go to the store you’ll find the closet organization products out there aren’t cheap! Lucky for you I’ve found The Best DIY Closet Solutions to help save you time and money! Check them all out down below, I hope you enjoy!

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1. Use a Shoe Rack

2. Add Shelving

3. Use Cascading Hangers

4. Store Shirts Vertically

5. Install These Awesome IKEA Racks

6. Use S Hooks To Hang Jeans

7. Old Wine Rack Into Clutch Holder

8. Use Curtain Rods Inside Closet Doors

9. Tiered Metal Racks Are Great For Accessories

10. Use Pool Noodles To Hold Up Boots

11. Use Different Colored Hangers For Seasonal Clothes

12. Tension Rods Make Great High Heel Racks

13. Hot Glue On Hangers Prevents Slipping

14. Use Shower Curtain Rings To Store Hats

15. Make a Built-In Laundry Basket

16. Hang Multiple Tank Tops With Shower Curtain Rings

17. Hang Boots On Pant Hangers