6/30 | Live Your Best Summer Life

This post is sponsored by Acorn Influence. All thoughts are my own. #LuckyCharms

What is going on guys? This is a post that I have been excited to share with you for a good long while and today is the day! If you can put on your shoes while reading this post, I recommend it because when you get all the details you aren’t going to want to wait even another minute before heading to your Walmart to get a box of Lucky Charms.

School has officially been out for a month here and so I have been living my best summer life. That means sleeping in, eating Lucky Charms for breakfast, and hanging by the pool. During the summer, when I was little, my mom would take us to Walmart and let my sister and I pick out whatever cereal we wanted. I always picked Lucky Charms because it is the best! I love the marshmallows and would always save them and eat them last.

Even after I have grown up some and can now drive to Walmart and buy my own cereal, I still pick out Lucky Charms because it wouldn’t be summer without them to me. And I still save the marshmallows till last.

I know I am not the only one obsessed with Lucky Charms. One time I sorted through dozens of boxes of Lucky Charms and took all the marshmallows out for a fundraising event. I packaged them up and everyone at my school was jumping to get their hands on them. All the good stuff without anything in the way?! That is worth dreaming about!

Don’t you want to live your best summer life? Then what are you waiting for? Head to Walmart and go buy a box of Lucky Charms or a maybe even a few!