6/30 | The Coolest iPhone Accessories Ever

I know there’s always been a feud between Apple and Android phones, and I have to say I am Apple all the way. I’ve got nothing against the other types of phones, but for this particular post, we’re going to stick with the current iPhones! I’ve found some pretty awesome gadgets that you can use with your precious phones, and I thought I would share them with you! I hope you all enjoy these The Coolest iPhone Accessories Ever, I bet you have never seen some of these!

1. Two in One Aux/Audio Adapter

2. Expanding Stand and Grip

3. Screen Magnifier

4. Attachable Camera Lens

5. Privacy Screen

6. Magnetic Charging Cable

7. Projector Case

8. Portable Tripod

9. Portable Plug In Fan

10. Airpods

11. Bottle Opener, Cigarette Lighter, and Tripod Screw Hole iPhone Case

12. Water Bottle Phone Holder

13. Spigen Wallet Case (I have one and LOVE it)

14. Selfie Ring Light

15. Lightning Cable Keychain

16. Attachable Humidifier

17. Aux Port Clip On Mic