6/30 | DIY Fired Ink Art

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you how to make the coolest wall art ever! Sorry to say this one is off the market for the kids because it involves lots of rubbing alcohol, and fire! Sounds super fun for adults, just not too fun for the kiddos. We’re making DIY Fired Ink Art and you’ll be blown away at how cool these turn out. I had no idea what I was doing and they ended up being beautiful so have no fear, beginners! Check out how to make this great summer DIY project down below!

Supplies: Photo Frames | Baking Sheet  |Aluminum Foil | 91% Rubbing Alcohol | Multi-Colored Alcohol Inks | Lighter | Gloves

Step 1 : Cover your baking sheet in foil, then take apart your photo frame and place the glass sheet into your baking pan.

Step 2 : Put your gloves on, and get creative dripping your alcohol inks onto the glass in the pattern of your choice. Use only 2-4 colors per frame!

Step 3 : When you like your pattern, take your alcohol and slowly pour it on one side of the glass sheet, then pick it up and move it around to blend the colors well.

Step 4 : Now for the fun part. Lay the glass sheet back in your baking pan and light the alcohol on fire. It will take about 10 seconds for all the alcohol to be absorbed and the flame will die out on it’s own.

Step 5 : once the glass has cooled, place it back in the frame with a piece of white card stock behind it, and display your beautiful works of art anywhere you’d like!

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