6/30 | DIY Fruit Slice Keychains

Who doesn’t love fruit in the summertime?! I like to go to my local farmers market and get so much yummy fruit to slice and eat on all week. My favorite in the summer is definitely watermelon, but I haven’t tried a fruit I didn’t like yet! To celebrate summer and the cuteness of fruit we made these totally adorable DIY Fruit Slice Keychains that all your friends will want! Be sure to make enough to go around, because everyone will be dying for one! Check out how we made these adorable iy fruit slice keychains down below!

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Supplies : | Small Round Wooden Disks | Drill and Small Bit | Keychain Kit | Craft Knife | Pencil With New Eraser | Paintbrushes | Dark Pink, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, and White Acrylic Paint | Regular and Fine Tip Sharpie | Polyurethane Spray | Sand Paper |

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Steps :

Step 1- With your craft knife carefully cut the wooden disks in half, then with your drill and small bit, drill a hole in the top of the half circles. Sand any rough edges.
Step 2- Paint one of the half circles green, one yellow, and one pink, and allow to dry.Step 3- Detail your bases like slices of fruit. The green being kiwi, so paint a white semi circle in the center and black dots with the sharpie as seeds. Then the pink being watermelon use the sharpie to draw seeds. Now your yellow being lemon, take your pencil and with your craft knife cut the eraser into a triangle as shown and use it as a stamp in the orange paint.
Step 4- Once the paint is dry flip them over and repeat on the back side, then let dry. Now spray the front and back with polyurethane spray, add the keychain and hook, and attach to your keychain!