6/30 | DIY Mini Pallet Coasters

I have seen some ideas like this before, and I think they’re adorable! Who wouldn’t love to set their drink on a little mini pallet? They would make great practical gifts for friends and family and they’re a lot easier to make than you may think! We put our own spin on this cute project and made adorable DIY Mini Pallet Coasters with Washi tape, too! They turned out fantastic and you can customize them however you want with the endless possibilities of Washi tape out there! Check out how we made them down below.

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Supplies: | Popsicle Sticks | 1/2″ Square Dowel | Wire Cutters | Craft Knife | Hot Glue Gun | Washi Tape | Scissors | Decou-Page | Sand Paper | Paintbrush | Miter Saw | Ruler |

Step 1- Cut the dowel into 4″ sections with the miter saw, and do the same with the popsicle sticks, cutting off the rounded ends to make them 4″ with the wire cutters. Sand all the edges until smooth.

Step 2- There will be 3 dowel pieces and 7 popsicle stick pieces per pallet. Choose your color(s) of Washi tape and cover the front and sides of the popsicle stick pieces in the tape.

Step 3- Now lay down 2 dowel pieces, and glue the sticks on the two edges and the middle first, then fill in the other 4. Once dry then glue your third dowel piece onto the back.

Step 4- Now take your Decou-Page and cover the top and sides of your pallet, and allow to dry. Once finished they’re ready for action!

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