7/31 | Simple DIY Cardboard Crafts

What’s going on everyone? Today I’m going to share with you some great recycled crafts we made to help you save the planet, one great decor piece at a time. Even if you just have some spare boxes laying around, these DIYs would be great recycling projects for kids as well. These Simple DIY Cardboard Crafts are a great way to cut down on your decor costs, without sacrificing style. Not to mention all of these cardboard craft ideas are super functional, too! You can organize your shoes and blankets, keep up with your daily duties, and always have your craft supplies handy. Check out how we made these awesome waste material crafts!



1- With your craft knife, cut off the four flaps on the top of your box, then tape the edges and the inside. You can use whatever color of Duck Tape you would like, but we chose white.

2- Starting from the bottom of the box, add a strip of hot glue on one side, then lay the rope down and press firmly until dry, and repeat moving up your box until it’s complete. You will need lots of extra glue gun sticks for this project!

3- Once finished, you can store your extra shoes, blankets, dog toys, or whatever you like in your awesome DIY Cardboard Organizer!

Wasn’t this a great cardboard craft? It’s a great way to spice up your decor while saving money and finding great new uses for old things like cardboard. If you have any more extra after making this project, check out the other two projects we made that are perfect recycling ideas for you and your kids down below.

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DIY Cardboard Pin Board

Create a beautiful Pin Board to keep you organized made with a piece of cardboard, and your favorite scrap fabric. Simply hot glue the fabric to the back of a cut cardboard circle, add a piece of twine to hang, and enjoy.

DIY Triangle Organizer

Make this super simple, totally stackable, customizable cardboard organizer in less than an hour! Once you’ve cut out your little triangles just get creative and add some Washi Tape to the edges, and hot glue them together. You can store all your most used craft supplies and have them handy for your next project.

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