7/31 | DIY Sling Bag

Summer is in full swing which means hanging out with friends, day trips, amusement parks, bike rides, and the beach. Today I have partnered with Fiskars to share with you how to sew a DIY sling bag that will be perfect for all of these fun summer activities. It is so easy to make- only straight lines required. It is a perfect project for a beginner. Since making this bag, I have brought it with me everywhere! It is a great lightweight bag that I can throw whatever you need into it. You’ll want to make one ASAP so let me show you how.

You will need: 1 yard of fabric (mine is a clearance shower curtain that I also used to reupholster a folding chair) | iron | Fiskars Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric ShearsFiskars Folding Ruler | sewing clips | sewing machine (not pictured)

Measure and cut the fabric into one 60 by 9 inch piece and 2 12 by 14 inch pieces. I used the  Fiskars Folding Ruler along with the Fiskars Amplify® RazorEdge™ Fabric Shears which made my cuts so clean. They are great because they are all-purpose and they even work on heavy fabrics. If you have a directional print, be sure to account for this and cut them in the direction that you want. I went with horizontal stripes on the front and back and vertical stripes for the strap.

Fold the long 60 by 9 inch piece of fabric in half long ways so that the right side is on the inside. Add clips along the raw edge and sew along the edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance to make a long narrow tube.

Now turn the tube right side out. This is going to be your strap for the sling bag.

Take one of the 12 by 14 inch pieces and fold it over a half inch along one of the 12 inch sides. Press it with an iron so that it stays folded.

Fold that same edge over another 1/2 inch to hide the raw edge. Iron it in place and clip it.

Sew along that edge with a quarter inch seam allowance. Do the same thing to the other 12 by 14 inch piece

Now it is time to put the pieces together and make the bag! Lay the front piece right side down on the table. Line one of the raw edges of the strap up with the raw edge of the front piece so that the sides are flush. Add clips down the side. Then take it over to your sewing machine and sew them together along the side. Stop when you reach the end of the front piece.

Attach the back piece to the same end of the strap but on the other side. 
Now attach the other sides of the front and the back to the opposite end of the strap using the same technique.

Clip the bottom together and sew along it in one straight line. Then just flip it right side out and you’ll have an awesome DIY sling bag!

Start to finish this bag took me 20 minutes. When I first decided to take on the project of making a sling bag, I thought that it would be complicated. My first sketch that I drew was way too complicated- lots of cuts and curves. After a little more brainstorming, I came up with this tutorial that uses less than 1 yard of fabric and is super simple. You could adjust the measurements a little to make a smaller version for a small child but this size is perfect for middle schoolers to adults. By just switching up the fabric, this bag could be made to fit anyone’s style. I love how streamlined and universal the design is.

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful and that you pull out your sewing machine to make one or a couple!

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