7/31 | DIY Colorblock Wooden Bowls

GUYS! I just got back from the thrift store and finally bought a stack of wooden bowls. They are a little bit retro but held a lot of potential. I knew with a little bit of paint they would be a really fun. I was right by the way! In under an hour, I made the cutest DIY colorblock wooden bowls that I ever did see. You’re going to want some for yourself so I am sharing with you how I made mine. I can’t get over the color combo of these guys- I want to decorate a whole room with these bowls as the inspiration now!

You will need:

  • wooden bowls from the thrift store (I swear every time that I go they have these bowls)
  • sand paper
  • painter’s tape

    Start off by taping off the top half of the bowls. You could get creative and tape them on an angle. I think that would be really fun but I just stuck to the straight lines.

    Now using a low grit sand paper sand the section below the tape. If your bowls don’t have a shiny finish you won’t need to do this but most that I have seen at the thrift store are shiny.

    Then paint the bottom of the bowls in the colors of your choice! Mine took 3 coats each but I love the bright summery colors! When they are dry, remove the tape!
    I love these and can’t wait to have a little dinner party to use them because what outdoor summer party is complete without DIY Colorblock wooden bowls?! Right now they are still in my craft room holding my favorite colors of acrylic paint and I am loving the idea of using them for a cute storage solution too! What would you do with yours?