8/31 | 70+ Teen Room Decor Ideas

I have been a teen for 6 years now! That is 6 years of rearranging and redecorating my room since my parents would let me. I have made quite a number of DIY teen room decor ideas and admired even more online. It is one of my all-time favorite things to do!

Today I have rounded up over 70 DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens today and organized them by category so that it is super easy for you to find what you are looking for. A lot of them are tutorials for teen room decor ideas that I have had over the past few years as well as ideas from other bloggers. 

70+ Teen Room Decor Ideas

These room ideas definitely cover a lot of trends and styles, so everyone is sure to find at least one DIY idea to add to your teen room decor.

DIY Wall Art for Teen Room Decor

Plain white walls are such a drag. There really isn’t any reason to leave your walls bare when there are so many fun and easy DIY all decor ideas not to mention cheap. Check them out for yourself.

  1. Dream Room Decor
  2. DIY Boho Glitter Arrow Wall Art 
  3. DIY Fired Ink Wall Art
  4. Quote Canvas Banners
  5. DIY Watercolor Quote Canvas
  6. Stenciled Banner Wall Decor 
  7. DIY Ombre Heart Pallet
  8. DIY Dreamcatcher 
  9. Shadow Box Frames
  10. Simple Interchangeable Clipboard Wall Art 
  11. DIY Rope Words 
  12. DIY Graffiti String Art 
  13. Watercolor Wall Art
  14. Washi Tape Monogram Canvas
  15. DIY Canvas Art 
  16. Hula Hoop Wall Art 

Teen Room Organization

No one likes a messy room. The easiest way to drastically improve your room decor is to clean it up. Whether you have a small room, too many pens on your desk, or want to organize your closet there the solution here for you.

  1. Lace Doily Bowls <<< A MUST SEE! This is inexpensive and easy to make and OH SO PRETTY! 
  2. Simple DIY Cardboard Desk Organizer
  3. DIY Summery Earring Display
  4. DIY Modern Hanging Memo Boards 
  5. Copper Pipe Desk Organizer 
  6. DIY Mason Jar Organizer
  7. Fabric Covered Aluminum Can Organizer 
  8. DIY Fabric Bins 
  9. Chalkboard Window Calendar 
  10. DIY Jewelry Organizer from a Thrift Store Frame
  11. Desk Organization
  12. DIY Pineapple Bookends 
  13. Adorable Pineapple Bowls
  14. DIY Candle Jar Recycled Organizer 
  15. DIY Bracelet Organizer 
  16. Chalkboard Tape Calendar 
  17. How to Cover Boxes with Contact Paper
  18. Kate Spade Inspired Storage Bins 
  19. DIY Duck Tape Desk Organizer 
  20. Recycled DIY Organization Ideas 

DIY Photo Displays

The most meaningful decoration you can have in your room is photos of friends and family. Don’t you agree? Ditch the scotch tape and take it up a notch with one of these awesome DIY Photo Display Ideas

  1. DIY Heart Instagram Collage
  2. DIY Simplistic Photo Display
  3. Easy Tape Picture Frames 
  4. DIY Mason Jar Picture Frame
  5. Clothespin Wreath Photo Display 

DIY Furniture

The thrift store gets a bad rap most of the time but when you mix it with DIY it can be a total game changer. A totally on trend dresser for $30? Yeah, that would be possible without a thrift store or some hand-me-downs. These DIY furniture ideas are some of my all time favorite.  The furniture is really where you can make the highest impact on your teen room decor. Get some inspiration from these trey furniture flip ideas.

  1. DIY Crate Bookcase 
  2. Tapestry Covered Dresser 
  3. DIY Crate Seats 
  4. DIY Monogram Headboard 
  5. Faux Fur Stool 
  6. DIY TV Stand
  7. DIY Bean Bag Chair Couch 
  8. Ladder Shelf 
  9. Easy Tire Chair 
  10. DIY Decoupaged Table 
  11. DIY Painted Pattern Dresser 
  12. EASY DIY Platform Bed 
  13. DIY Acrylic Side Table 
  14. DIY Ombre Lamp 
  15. Make Your Own Floating Table 
  16. DIY Focal Wall Headboard 


I love making pillows! You can change up the whole look of your room with some new pillows. I like having a plain bedspread so that I can go crazy making all kinds of DIY pillows!

  1. Adorable Watermelon Pillow 
  2. DIY Donut Pillow 
  3. DIY Galaxy Pillow 
  4. Really Cute Bow Pillow 
  5. DIY Pillow Sewing Tutorial
  6. DIY Knotted Pillows 
  7. No Sew Emoji Pillows 
  8. DIY Faux Embroidered Pillow 
  9. Tumblr Inspired Pillows 
  10. DIY Geometric Pillow 
  11. Easy Hashtag Pillow 
  12. DIY Magic 8 Ball Pillow 
  13. Glitter Heart Pillow DIY 
  14. Anthropologie Inspired Pom Pom Pillow
  15. DIY Geometric Heart Stitched Pillow 


There are so many amazing ideas here! We love all the different room decorating ideas, especially when we can make them ourselves. Save a little money and customize them to our own preferences. Perfect!