8/31 | Super Simple Woven Wall Hanging

We are coming at you with an awesome teen room decor idea. You will definitely capture the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters vibe with this super simple woven wall hanging. Using just a few $1 rolls of yarn, you can create this awesome DIY wall decor piece. If you can tie a knot, that you can make this project. No real crafting abilities required to make your own super simple woven wall hanging from scratch.

You will need:

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Step One: Paint the 1/4 inch dowel. The smaller ones will be hidden behind it so they don’t really need to be painted.

Step Two: Cut 8 piles of ten pieces of the color yarn you want on that bottom. The ones for the second color should be cut 16 inches long and the ones for the top should be cut at 10 inches long.

Step Three: To create the knot, fold a group of yarn in half on the table. Place the dowel on top of it near the loop. Then pull the ends through the loop above the dowel and pull tight. Do this 8 times of each color each on their own dowel. Be sure to put the top color yarn on the 1/4 inch dowel. 

Step Four: Trim the yarn into a triangle shape. Make sure the point is in the middle!

Step Five: Stack the three dowels that now have yarn attached to them with the longest yarn on the bottom and the shortest on top.  Tie them together with a piece of yarn on both ends and one in the middle. Then tie a long piece of yarn or rope to each end so that you can hang it up just like I did for this DIY banner wall art idea.

Isn’t it so cute? I love the texture that it adds considering how easy it was to make. It makes the perfect piece for a dorm room as well as a teen room decor idea. I gave it to my 16-year-old sister, Caroline. As you can see it makes a statement in her room and she loves it.