8/31 | DIY Fired Ink Coasters

Hey guys! Last week I made some fired ink art and I got hooked on the cool design, and I wanted to make something that will last that has some practical use. I love the idea of the wall art but I got totally inspired and now i’m going to make DIY Fired Ink Coasters that look kind of like rainbow marble! They’re so easy to make and they’re a great way to add a subtle pop of color to any room! Check out how we made them down below, and let me know which colors you like best!

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Supplies: | 4×4 Glossy White Tiles | Multi-Colored Permanent Markers | 91% Rubbing Alcohol | Spray Bottle | Aluminum Foil | Lighter | Polyurethane Spray | Gloves |

Steps : 

Step 1- Lay your aluminum foil on your work surface, or lay it on a cookie sheet for extra support. Color your tiles randomly, and with only 3-4 colors each.

Step 2- Pour alcohol over your tiles and move it around to let all the colors bleed. Then Lay it on the tin foil and light it on fire.

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Step 3- If you don’t love the finished product take a spray bottle with the alcohol in it and spritz the tile and light it again, it adds a spotted effect that I think looks really nice!

Step 4-Once you’ve got all your tiles done take them outside and spray a coat or two of polyurethane on them and allow to dry. Once done you can use them however you want!

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