8/31 | DIY Criss Cross Workout Shirt

Hey Everyone! Do you love to workout? or just like wearing workout clothes so people think you work out? Yeah, me too! I have seen lots of these cool workout shirts that have criss cross designs on them. Considering how much I work out, I wasn’t digging the thought of paying that large price tag. Instead, I decided to take a basic workout shirt that I had already and give it a new and improved look by adding a criss cross design. Let me show you how I created this DIY criss cross workout shirt. It even goes great with the DIY running band that I made a little while back!

Supplies Needed: 

Step One: Using the rotary cutter and ruler, cut a 3/4 inch strip of the athletic stretch fabric that is about 24 inches long.

Step Two: Fold the strip of fabric in half length wise and pin or clip the two long edges together. Then sew the strip of fabric into a tube using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Using Eloflex made this project so much easier because I was able to use a straight stitch with the stretch athletic fabric. Eloflex expands with the fabric so that seams and hems won’t break when the fabric is stretched.

Step Three: Turn the tube inside out so that the seam is hidden on the inside.
Step Four: Cut it in half so that there are two tubes each about 12 inches long. Put the plain workout shirt on and pin or clip them onto the front in a criss cross design. Be sure that the ends of the fabric are on the inside of the shirt and that the seam of the tube is facing inwards. Sew the fabric to the shirt where they overlap and cut off any excess.

I am so impressed with how the finished design turned out. It involved such a little amount of sewing and I was able to finish the whole project in under an hour. Don’t you wanna make one? I want to make a variation of this design with a regular t shirt too!