8/31 | 25 Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

I say it all the time, I love to find crafts that are fun and that save the earth at the same time. I love the versatility of toilet paper roll crafts because the possibilities are endless. You can really let your and your kids’ imaginations loose when crafting with toilet paper roll projects because you can make them anything you want. Binoculars, flowers, snakes, fish, just get creative and see where it takes you! Today I’ll be showing you 25 Cool Toilet paper Roll Crafts perfect for your kids to make on a lazy afternoon. Everyone uses toilet paper, and it’s a shame that we throw away a perfectly good craft supply, so next time think before you trash it. You can also keep paper towel rolls to make bigger versions of some of these ideas like the snake, that would be cool! I hope you enjoy these super fun kid friendly toilet paper roll craft ideas.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”kmLDo6eC” upload-date=”2018-04-30T02:05:10.000Z” name=”Toilet Paper Roll Craft- Toilet Paper Roll Planter” description=”I love toilet paper craft ideas because they are great recycled crafts and most are great arts and crafts for kids. This trendy toilet paper roll craft- toilet paper roll planters are easy to make and the finished project is a major upgrade from the original tube.”]

Paper Roll Fish

Paper Roll Penguin

Paper Roll Octopus

Paper Roll Snakes

Paper Roll Japanese Flying Carps

Paper Roll Fire Breathing Dragons

Paper Roll Squid

Paper Roll Mermaid & Hula Girl

Paper Roll Spring Flower

Fun Paper Roll Octopus 

Paper Roll Shark Binoculars

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