8/31 | No-Sew Clutch from a Placemat

Repurposing is my jam! Waste not want not is what my mom-mom always says and she has taught me some of her thrifty ways. I shop completely different than your average shopper I would think. When I walk around the store I pretty much see in black and white because almost everything can be painted, spray painted, stained, or dyed. I also try not to see things for only what the tag says. I like to use shower curtains for fabric and shoe boxes for trays. Sometimes even placemats for purses! I came upon this super fun buffalo check placemat on clearance at Target a little while ago and I loved it but there was only one. I would have needed at least four of them to use them on my table so that was not an option. I picked it up and thought of things that I could use it for. I debated between a makeup brush holder? stencil it and frame it as wall art? but I finally settled on making a DIY No-sew clutch from a placemat. I wear a lot of blacks and thought this would be the perfect bold statement.

You will need:

Step One: Lay the placemat right side down on your table so that the long side of it is facing you. Then fold the right side over towards the middle so that 1/3 of the underside of the placemat is still exposed on the left side. I just estimated mine, but a ruler may come in handy.

Step Two: Unfold the placemat and add hot glue to the edges that were touching. Fold it back over to attach them together.

Step Three: Flip the other side of the placemat over to make an envelope shape. Then place the belt on the placemat so that the end with the buckle is on the bottom (glued together) section and the end with the holes is on the open flap. When you have it where you want it and are able to buckle the belt,  hot glue the belt to the front of the clutch.

Step Four: Then flip the clutch over and glue the belt to the back of it. Cut off any excess as cleanly as possible.

You now have a super cute clutch to pair with a little black dress for a night out with friends. By using a fun placemat you can really create a fashion statement with this DIY no-sew clutch from a placemat. Be sure to hit up the clearance aisles at places like Target to grab a placemat, I mean a clutch!