8/31 | DIY Mirror Tile Art

Hey everyone! I know for most of you all school is back in session and that can be pretty stressful no matter if you’re in middle school, high school, or college. One thing that I know always helps me when I’m having a rough day is a fun, simple DIY project. This easy craft we made is perfect DIY wall decor for your room and even for your dorm. It takes less than an hour to create, and it’s a great way to de stress from a long week of school. Even if you’re not looking for a stress reliever, maybe just a simple craft idea, this is still the perfect DIY teen craft project for you! Check out how we made this DIY Mirror Tile Art. 


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Step One: Cut the cardstock to fit the frame. I find it helpful to use the insert from the frame as a template.

Step Two: Take out the glass from the frame, and frame just the piece of cardboard.

Step Three: Arrange the mirror tiles in the design that like on the framed cardstock. I kind of cheated and used the same layout that they came in the package in.

Wasn’t this project so easy? It really was a de stressing simple project that adds a pop of color to your space! You can personalize it to match your room theme and the mirror tiles are really modern, too. I also love that the craft is made with just a few supplies. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!