8/31 | DIY Desk Ideas For Teens

Let’s get real, desks are expensive. It’s hard to go out and get a desk that won’t break the bank. Not only are they costly and hard to assemble, but most of the time any store bought desk isn’t made with very good materials, and won’t last very long. Buying a desk from a store is a waste of time and money. Us teens need desks though, for all sorts of things. To do homework, to play on the computer or for hobbies like drawing or painting. It’s been proven that sitting at a desk to complete a task keeps you more motivated than sitting in your bed, so that should be the selling point for you, parents! Don’t worry about those high prices though, because DIY is here to save the day. Today I’m going to share some great DIY Desk Ideas For Teens that you’re all going to love. Some ideas are easier than others, and some are worth the time and effort they take to build. I hope you enjoy these DIY desk ideas perfect for your space.

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DIY File Cabinet Desk

This desk idea is probably one of the more easy ones because it doesn’t require building any legs. You simply use 2 filing cabinets you have as the supports for the top of the desk, and that’s it. You can build it as big as you want as long as the filing cabinets can support the weight, but I think this is a great idea for anyone on a budget.

Easy DIY Concrete Top Desk

I would make this desk tomorrow if I had space for it. The idea is simple but it looks so good and the tutorial isn’t difficult or hard to follow. I’ve always loved the idea of concrete countertops in my kitchen so naturally, I loved this idea too. This idea comes straight from Home Depot and I know I would trust one of their tutorials any day. Go check out how you can pull off this awesome concrete desk.

Easy Wooden Home Office Desk 

This DIY desk is pretty straight forward, lots of wood. You need someone who’s pretty good with a saw to help make this one, or you’ll end up with a pretty lopsided desk. All in all, though, there’s no super complicated parts to this one, just cut and screw in the wood, stain it whatever color you like, and you have yourself a fine office desk!


This is such a creative idea, I give so many props to the wonderful Hello Nancy for thinking this one up. This desk is made from two sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) with 2×4’s inside to make wonderful storage compartments. Some people might think it looks trashy, but I actually think it looks really neat! I bet it would look really pretty stained, too!

Thrifted Desk Transformation

One of the best ways to save on buying a desk is to thrift it, and flip it yourself. Over on another post, we did just that. We found an old desk at the thrift store that had some potential but needed a ton of TLC. We removed and repainted the hardware, sanded and repainted it with our amazing paint sprayer, and the end result was amazing! Check out the full story and watch the video to see how we pulled it off.

Vintage Yardstick Desk

I think this DIY is perfect for parents to make for their child for their room. Kids need to be able to do their homework too, and it makes them feel good to know they have their own desk to complete their work at. I love using vintage pieces in projects, and you can find old yardsticks at thrift stores or just buy them on Amazon.

DIY Piping and Butcher Block Desk

This is definitely the more modern idea of them all, but probably not the easiest to make or the cheapest. The kind of piping everyone’s using to make these industrial looking projects is actually not cheap but if you’re wanting a nice desk that will last it is worth the investment.

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