8/31 | 25 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To make a Parent’s Life Easier

Let’s be honest, parents have it rough. Especially if they’re dealing with little ones, life can get messy and complicated. We tip our hats to you parents and offer you this list of amazing, life-saving, incredible, unbelievable 25 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To make a Parent’s Life Easier. You may already know some of these, but I promise once you see them all, you’ll never go back to your old ways. I’m not even a parent and I’m taking notes for the future on these hacks!

Check them out down below, you’ll be so glad you did!

1. Placing Tape Over Toy Speakers Lowers The Volume

2. Store Play-Dough In a K-Cup Carousel

3. Cupcake Liners Stop Popsicle Drips

4. Make Super Easy Frozen Yogurt Pops

5. Use Magnetic Knife Holders To Store Cars

6. Placing Command Hooks On The Back Of High Chairs Keeps Bibs Organized

7. Use Shoe Organizers To Store Leggos

8. Stickers Cut In Half Helps Kiddos Get Their Shoes On Correctly

9. Keep The Monsters At Bay With “Monster Spray”

10. Use a Frozen Sponge As An Ice Pack

11. Plastic Wrap Makes a Super fast Sippy Cup

12. Easily Store Crayons With An Altoids Container

13. Capri Sun, 6 Hours In The Freezer, Perfect Slushy!

14. Keep Snacks In Ice Trays For Less Mess

15. Simple DIY To Help Kiddos Reach The Water

16. Use take for Little Messes

17. Stop Kids From Wasting Toilet Paper

18. Put Press And Seal On Kids Clothes Before Things Get Messy

19. Keep Kids Entertained On Flights By Letting Them Play With Gel Clings

20. Use Coffee Filters as Simple Snack Bowls

21. Use a Fitted Sheet When Baby Is Playing Outside

22. Use Painter’s Tape For a No Mess Race Track

23. Shower Caddys Make The Best Snack Holders

24. Washing Toys In The Dishwasher Keeps Them Germ-Free

25. Band-Aids Make Great Quick Outlet Covers