9/30 | DIY Pom Pom Blanket

Hey everyone, today we made a super unique project that I can’t wait to share with you. I know pom poms are fun and popular, not to mention they are so simple to make. DIY pom poms are one of the fundamentals of crafting in my opinion, and this craft combines your love for pom poms with the style of functional home decor. We created a super cute DIY Pom Pom Blanket in less than one hour and you won’t believe how it turned out. You can customize it with your favorite colors to match your home decor and personal style. They also make great gifts for friends and family. Who wouldn’t love a homemade gift that unique?


Step One: Choose the size of pom pom you would like for your blanket. Then wrap the yarn around the part of the pom pom maker for that size. The more you wrap, the fluffier the pom pom will be. Be sure to wrap it the same amount for each pom pom so that they all look the same.

Step Two: Tie a piece of yarn around the middle of the yarn. Move it yarn to the next smallest size and pull it even tighter and tie a knot.

Step Three: Cut both ends with the scissors. It is really important to cut right down the middle so that your pom pom does not end up being lopsided.

Step Four: Continue to make pom poms till you have enough to go along 2 sides of your blanket. We used 14.

Step Five: Glue the pom poms to the blanket with a few inches in between each one.

Wasn’t this project so simple? I think it really adds character to any space not to mention its totally practical so you can use it when you’re watching a movie if you get cold, it’s not just for show. I love that you can mix and match the color of the blanket and the yarn to really make it to your liking because there’s no limit to the color combinations. You could even make one for your favorite sports team! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy crafting.