9/30 | Crocheting For Kids

Every parent wants to instill meaningful and practical skills into their child from an early age. Whether that be teaching them piano, the lost art of cursive handwriting, or to crochet. As parents, we only want the best for our kids, and it’s tough to think about helping them learn a new skill if we don’t know it we’ll ourselves. Lucky for you in this day in age, we have amazing books and craft kits that give our children the confidence to learn and master new skills on their own, and that’s fantastic. Today I will be sharing with you some of my most favorite Kids Crochet Kits and books designed specifically for teaching children how to crochet, including tips, tricks, and patterns they’ll soon be itching to create with. Don’t let the dying art of crochet go without showing your kids just how fun it can be. I hope you enjoy these books on Crocheting For Kids!

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A Fun Way To Learn To Crochet For Kids

Happy Crochet Book: Patterns That Make Your Kids Smile

Crochet a Rainbow Scarf Kit

Complete Photo Guide To Crochet

Crochet for Kids: Basic Techniques and Great Projects that Kids Can Make Themselves

Easy To Do Crochet Kit

Teach Me To Crochet

My First Crochet Book

No Adults Allowed: 13 Crochet Designs for Kids Only 


Hip To Be Square Crochet Kit