9/30 | Super Budget Friendly Teen Room Decor Ideas

We love redoing our rooms, right? I know I do! I especially love making the whole feel of the room different by adding and changing little decor pieces. My mom likes to joke that she never knows what to expect when she walks into my room because I am always changing it up. Redoing your room all the time can get expensive. Key word: CAN. It doesn’t have to! Not when you are resourceful. These super budget friendly teen room decor ideas will save you tons of money and allow you to redo your room even more! Lots of them use recycled materials and things that you have around the house already making them super affordable!

  1. DIY Shoebox Turned Tray 
  2. DIY Pineapple Spoon Lamp 
  3. DIY Painted Jars 
  4. DIY Macrame Curtain 
  5. Washi Paper Wallpaper 
  6. Driftwood Jewelry Stand 
  7. DIY Colorful Wall Art 
  8. DIY Tie Dye Curtains 
  9. Paper Lanterns as Room Decor 
  10. DIY Tin Can Lamp
  11. DIY Recycled Room Decor