9/30 | How to Sew a Floor Pillow Out of a Tapestry

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Tapestries are so my style. I love the boho feel and the options that are available. I also love repurposing them to make things like the DIY tapestry dresser or the DIY tapestry coffee table that we have made in the past. Today we are adding yet another tapestry DIY which is a how to sew a floor pillow out of a tapestry. It does require some sewing, but no real sewing skills. If you can thread the machine, you’ll be golden!  Sooooo, who want’s to learn how to sew a floor pillow out of a tapestry!? We’ve teamed up with Fiskars to celebrate their Orange Handled Scissors’ 50th anniversary and to share the video tutorial with you! Their scissors are the best and most reliable scissors I have ever used because the stay sharp and can cut through so many different types of fabric. They have had 50 years to perfect everything, and I think it is safe to say that they have!
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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”w05CduVW” upload-date=”2018-06-07T17:53:09.000Z” name=”Floor Pillow” description=”Today we are adding yet another tapestry DIY which is a how to sew a floor pillow out of a tapestry.”]
I can’t believe that I hadn’t thought of this idea sooner. Now that I have, I am obsessed with the idea. I can’t get over how easily you can cut a big circle so perfectly by following the design of the tapestry and by using Fiskars Orange Handled Scissors. This project came together so fast and make easy comfy seating for your room, dorm, or apartment!

As always, I am here to be your personal sewing cheerleader! You got this guys!! If you happen to come across any questions that I don’t seem to answer in the video, just leave a comment on the video or this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Happy Sewing!!