9/30 | Dorm Essentials For Guys

Dorm season for any student or parent of a student can be incredibly difficult. I’m always looking for new dorm decor ideas for guys, especially after all the parents that have reached out looking for advice for dorm decorating after we’ve shared posts like our 18 dorm decor ideas, 34 Ideas to decorate your dorm, and 19 college essentials. Every year we’re able to share more dorm essentials for guys, and ideas to decorate a guys dorm room and this year we’re excited to be bringing even more ideas. Every guy’s dorm needs to have seating for friends, organization, and something to make them feel at home. Let me share with you some DIYs or awesome items we’ve found that will help you during your dorm experience.


Guys dorms don’t need a ton of DIYs, but definitely, a few DIY touches will help make your dorm customized and save you some cash from buying decor. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Triangular Memo Board 
2. DIY TV Stand
3. Chalkboard Window Calendar 
4. Marble Home State Art
5. Simple Skateboard Shelf
6. Crate Bookshelf
7. DIY Concrete Clock 
8. Easy DIY TIre Chair 
9. Quote Art Canvas Banners 
10. Dorm Tour with Wayfair 
11. Simple Crate Seats 
12. Graffiti String Art 
13. Easy Canvas Art 


Every guy’s room needs organization, no matter if you feel you’re a clean freak or a slob, organization items are perfect to help us all. This is a list of our favorites ideas to organize.

1. Bedside Caddy 
2. Chalkboard Vinyl Calendar 
3. Headside Tech Storage 
4. Perfect Desk Lamp
5. Mini Fridge Storage Shelf 
6. Hanging Closet Organizer 
7. Cork Key Hooks 
8. Bed risers to hide more STUFF
9. Organize with a Packing List 
10. Organize Your College Hygiene 
11. 7 Drawer Storage Cart 


The most meaningful decoration you can have in your room is photos of friends and family. Don’t you agree? Ditch the scotch tape and take it up a notch with one of these awesome DIY Photo Display Ideas

  1. DIY Heart Instagram Collage
  2. DIY Simplistic Photo Display
  3. DIY Tape Picture Frames 
  4. DIY Mason Jar Picture Frame
  5. Clothespin Wreath Photo Display 


The thrift store gets a bad rap most of the time but when you mix it with DIY it can be a total game changer. A totally on trend dresser for $30? Yeah, that would be possible without a thrift store or some hand-me-downs. These DIY furniture ideas are some of my all time favorite. The furniture is really where you can make the highest impact on your teen room decor. Get some inspiration from these trey furniture flip ideas.

  1. DIY Crate Bookcase 
  2. DIY Tapastry Covered Dresser 
  3. DIY Crate Seats 
  4. DIY Monogram Headboard 
  5. DIY Faux Fur Stool 
  6. DIY TV Stand
  7. DIY Bean Bag Chair Couch 
  8. DIY Ladder Shelf 
  9. DIY Tire Chair 
  10. DIY Decoupaged Table 
  11. DIY Painted Pattern Dresser 
  12. EASY DIY Platform Bed 
  13. DIY Acrylic Side Table 
  14. DIY Ombre Lamp 
  15. DIY Floating Table 
  16. DIY Focal Wall Headboard 

If you’re still looking for more awesome dorm decor ideas, be sure to check out our 5 tips for college move in, dorm decor ideas for Dormify, or 55 flippin awesome room decor ideas.  We hope you enjoyed these dorm decorating ideas for guys that you’re bound to enjoy.