9/30 | DIY Cat Ears- Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

With Halloween just around the corner now is a perfect time to start looking for the perfect costume to wear, or not. Sometimes, for a college student like me, I don’t have time to plan for a Halloween costume. Honestly, most of the time once October 1st hits time flies so fast I almost miss Halloween altogether. Luckily, if one of my friends invited me to a party last-minute, I have the perfect solution to my Halloween dilemma. We made these adorable DIY Cat Ears, and they are so easy to make. You can find everything you need to make these at Walmart for less than $5. Whether you haven’t planned at all, or you know you want to be a cat, this is a great DIY simple Halloween costume idea.


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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”FDRH4g39″ upload-date=”2018-06-07T15:13:20.000Z” name=”Frappe Halloween Costume” description=”Today I bring you a tutorial for something highly requested, and that is a DIY Frappe Costume. I honestly can’t think of a simpler, less expensive costume that you can make as quickly as this one. “]

Step One- Take your black felt sheet and mark with a white fabric pencil two diamond shapes. Cut them out, and make sure they look like a good size to fit onto your headband.

Step Two- Now, mark two smaller triangles with a pen onto your pink felt sheet. Cut them out and make sure they fit well inside one-half of your diamond sections.

Step Three- You should have two black diamonds (the outer part of the cat ears), two small pink triangles( the inner part of the cat ears), and the headband.
Step Four- Lay your headband down and place a black diamond to the side underneath the headband. Glue around the edges and fold up. Repeat on the other ear making sure it’s even on the other side.

Step Five- Hot glue your pink triangles into the middle of each ear, and rock your new DIY Cat Ears!